About Steenrod PTA

The Steenrod Elementary School PTA is a non-profit organization open to any parent, teacher, grandparent, or other relative of a student, as well as to any person in the community who has an interest in the well-being of the students attending our school. The PTA welcomes new members at any time. Membership cards are distributed each year when dues are collected.

PTA meetings are scheduled at the beginning of the school year. Meetings are held for various purposes, including updating members on PTA activities, presenting informative speakers, commemorating special events, etc.

An Executive Committee governs our PTA. The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the association, the committee chairpersons, and the school principal. Officers for the upcoming school year are elected in the spring and include the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The elected officers appoint the committee chairpersons by the start of the new school year.