Things To Know About Steenrod PTA

  • PTA members are always welcome to volunteer at Steenrod. For security and to prevent class disruption, volunteers should check in at the office upon arrival. Volunteers are also required to fill out an OCS Volunteer Form.
  • If you sign-up for a PTA committee or project and do not receive a call, please contact a PTA Officer. Occasionally, names are inadvertently omitted from volunteer lists, or there are more volunteers than needed for a certain project.
  • PTA fundraisers are held throughout the year to provide money for projects or purchases designed to enhance our children’s education. Some fundraising is tailored to a specific project, while other fundraisers are general, for future needs. If you have questions about a fundraising project or would like to make suggestions for fundraising ideas or the use of PTA funds, please contact the PTA President or PTA Treasurer.