About the Committee:

The Banking Committee organizes all of the student accounts associated with banking.  As well, they assist students in making weekly deposits to their accounts.  It is always in need of PTA Members who are volunteers. Even if you can only give one Thursday a month! No amount of time is too small. We normally start banking at 8:30am and are finished around 9:30am.

About the Program:

Steenrod Elementary PTA in conjunction with WesBanco Bank, Inc. is pleased to offer your child the opportunity to learn the principles of saving in our school banking program.

By participating in the school banking program your child will learn what a savings account is, begin to appreciate the advantages of saving, and will receive an account statement displaying their account activity. In addition, your child will be able to “bank at school”. Time will be set aside at school every Thursday for children to make a deposit. Your child can also visit any WesBanco branch to make their deposits. This savings account is free of service charges and can be opened with as little as 25 cents. The purpose of the program is to reinforce the habit of saving, not necessarily to focus on the amount saved.


Committee Contacts: Natalie Moses and Dee Vogler