Support Steenrod PTA

Supporting Steenrod PTA with your time and talents is a great way to be involved in the life of your child as well it is an investment in the life of the school... neighborhood... community.  We invite new folks filled with energy and excitement to join us as we work toward the betterment of our school and our children!   Please take a minute and look through the site programs and committees to see where your talents could best be utilized, and then contact us to let us know you are interested!  Thank you!

The Steenrod PTA is always looking for area businesses to sponsor the Steenrod PTA.  There are different ways of sponsoring the Steenrod PTA.  The first way is through a yearbook sponsorship. In return for sponsoring the yearbook, your business ad will be placed in the yearbook.  The second way is through a website sponsorship.  This type of sponsorship is still in the infant stages.   Stay tuned for more information!

Supporting the Steenrod PTA with a monetary donation is very much appreciated.  All donations received are put directly towards the programs, committees, and permanent gifts that the Steenrod PTA Supports.  Donations can be made to the general PTA fund or can be specified for a specific program that the PTA supports.   Donations can be dropped off at the school or can be mailed direct to the school:
Steenrod PTA
Attn: PTA Treasurer
100 Clarks Avenue
Wheeling, WV  26003

Contributions to the Steenrod PTA can and will make a difference in the lives of Steenrod children.