Teacher Website Links & Emails

Listed below are all of the helpful links you might need to keep in touch with what is going on in your child's classroom as well as email links to contact their teachers with instructional questions. 

Steenrod Elementary School Website Link

Steenrod Edline
   (If you have any problems with Edline, Mrs. Fritter is very helpful!)

 Teacher Email Link
 Mrs. Schmitt

 Kindergarten Mrs. Kuhns
Email Mrs. Kuhns
 1  Ms. Hoffman
Email Ms, Hoffman
 1 Mrs. Franke
Email Mrs. Franke 
 2 Mrs. Wade

2 Ms. Peters  Email Ms. Peters
3 Mrs. Perry Email Mrs. Perry
3  Mrs. Mohney

Ms. Hohman
Email Ms. Hohman
 4 Mrs. Daugherty
Email Mrs. Daugherty
 5 Mrs. Railing
Email Ms. Railing
 5 Ms. Anderson
Email Ms. Anderson

 Teacher Teacher Email Link
 Media Mrs. Fritter
 Email Mrs. Fritter
 Physical Education
 Mrs. Van Horn
 Email Mrs. Van Horn
 Ms. Messenger
Email Ms. Messenger
 Ms. Karras
Email Ms. Karras
 Band Ms. Coram
 Email Ms. Coram
 Strings      Mrs. O'Connell
Email Mrs. O'Connell    
 Special Education

Job Title      Name      Email Link
 Principal     Mrs. Dietrich
Email Mrs. Dietrich
 Secretary           Mrs. Haught
 Email Mrs. Haught
 Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Broadwater